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03 March 2008

New Reviews at TSky: Buzzeo, McSweeney, Stefans

Melissa Buzzeo's What Began Us
Leon Works, 2007
Reviewed by M. Perel

"In What Began Us, Melissa Buzzeo writes the space of absence, the space of the irretrievable love, thing, memory that marks its presence by its elusive nature. As if she is carving a body out of time, as if a body can be birthed by the space it leaves behind, Buzzeo uses language like small tools that carve up this flesh, or monument to a past no longer retrievable...." [READ MORE]

Joyelle McSweeney's Flet
Fence Books, 2007
Reviewed by Nick Bredie

"If Flet is the dreamscape of 21st century America, its grimly beautiful portent is that the dream can only go deeper, crushing language and the individual under its pressure. There is no waking up." [READ MORE]

Brian Kim Stefans' What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers
Factory School, 2006
Reviewed by C St Perez

"Stefans’s poetry, extended through the axis of punk, offers new possibilities for a “punk-avant” rebellion." [READ MORE]