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01 April 2008

Now Reading Submissions for Tarpaulin Sky Literary Journal (Print Issue #2)

During April 2008 we will read submissions for Tarpaulin Sky's second print issue, which will be published (simultaneously with web-only content as well as web-samples from the print edition) in Fall 2008. The submission period will close April 30, 2008, and we'll make every attempt to reply to all submissions by July 2008.

If you like our journal enough to send us a submission, we hope you'll like it enough to buy it and support the press that publishes it. Consider clicking here and purchasing the Fall/Winter 07 issue of our journal, or any of our lovely books.

Include a brief cover letter with your submission—we appreciate knowing a little about your life, your writing, and where we might read more of your work. Please limit longer work to a single submission of 3000 words or less. Combine shorter work (4-6 poems, shorter prose pieces, etc) into one file; do not send multiple attachments if you can help it.

Email your submission to submissions[at]tarpaulinsky[dot]com. In order to avoid the spam filters, it is important that your subject header contains the word "submission," followed by your name. Submissions that do not follow this format run the risk of being accidentally deleted.

If you need to send a paper submission, please mail it to Tarpaulin Sky Press, PO Box 189, Grafton, VT 05146

Payment includes a contributor copy of the issue, discounts on additional copies, and instant fame.