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16 May 2008

Kevin Sampsell's Creamy Bullets

Creamy Bullets
Kevin Sampsell
Chiasmus Press, 2008
Short Fiction, 268 pages

Tarpaulin Sky Press thinks Kevin Sampsell is a great human being. He's also a great writer, as many are willing to attest:

"I am a huge Kevin Sampsell fan. He's a gifted storyteller and canny observer of the world who writes with enormous sensitivity, innovation, and humor. These stories have the same powerful effect on me as all of my favorite art — they make me feel things deeply." -Davy Rothbart, FOUND Magazine and This American Life

"With Creamy Bullets, Kevin Sampsell has created a weirdly sexual but wholly believable universe in just the briefest of words. Each story is a savory gem, capturing the gripping little deviant moments in life. " -Jami Attenberg, author of The Kept Man

"Kevin Sampsell writes with great energy and grace about the hurt, the semi-hurt, the sordid and the downright deranged. Creamy Bullets is full of wonders, and all the best kinds of tenderness and danger." -Sam Lipsyte, author of Home Land


Kevin Sampsell's fiction has been widely published in literary journals (Quick Fiction, LIT, Hobart, Opium) and on popular websites (like McSweeney's, Nerve, Failbetter, Pindeldyboz, and Night Train). Additionally, his essays and reviews have appeared in several newspapers and magazines. His books include A Common Pornography, Beautiful Blemish and The Insomniac Reader (as editor). He lives in Portland, Oregon and is publisher of Future Tense Books.