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31 July 2008

Open Reading Period: Chapbook Manuscripts

Note: the following guidelines are for submissions of chapbook manuscripts only--we will read full-length manuscripts in October 2008 (details forthcoming).

Tarpaulin Sky Press will be reading chapbook manuscripts submitted during the month of August. Manuscripts should be postmarked between August 1 and August 31, 2008. There is no need to query first; simply mail the manuscript according to the directions below.

Writers who have not been published in our literary journal should include a $10 reading fee in the form of a check or a money order made payable to Tarpaulin Sky Press. Past contributors to Tarpaulin Sky may submit their manuscript with a $5 reading fee.

Manuscripts should be in the vicinity of 18-28 pages (give or take a couple). Send one copy of your manuscript along with two copies of the title page (note: the reading process is not"blind"--we ask for two title pages only so that we may keep one with the manuscript, and the other for reference/notes, etc). Be sure that your title pages include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. Cover letters are read with interest. We like to know who your are, what you're up to, and where we can read more of your work. We do accept simultaneous submissions but ask that you let us know immediately if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Individual pieces from the manuscript may have been previously published in magazines and anthologies, but the collection as a whole must be unpublished. Manuscripts will not be returned. Please do not send us your only copy.

Mail your submission to

Tarpaulin Sky Press
PO Box 189
Grafton, VT 05146

For notification of decisions, include a business-size SASE. If you would like to receive acknowledgment of the receipt of your manuscript, please include a stamped, self-addressed postcard. Notification of decisions will be made in November 2008. Publication of accepted manuscripts will be in 2009.

If you are not familiar with our press and the type of chapbooks (and full-length books) that we publish, we encourage you to explore our work before submitting, by clicking here and purchasing one of our titles.