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07 August 2008

A New Fungus is Amungus

White Fungus Issue 9New Zealand's White Fungus Issue 9 is now available in North America (and we have a review copy reserved for you)

White Fungus Issue 9 is the second to be distributed in North America by Disticor. The irreverent New Zealand-based arts mag continues in its tradition of mixing together critical writing on art and new music, alongside poetry, literature, comics and political satire.

The new issue is teeming with new interdisciplinary content, including in-depth interviews with sound artists Annea Lockwood (New York) and Justice Yeldham (Sydney), writing on The Dead C, John Wiese, Manuel Gottsching, and a look into the visual work of Greg Malcolm.

The issue also features new artworks by artists, including Richard Killeen, Hye Rim Lee and Leslie Rice; drawings by Taipei artist Yao Jui-Chung, who revisits traditional Chinese painting while residing in Scotland; and a series of perturbing handwritten suggestions for improvements to the State by Wellington-based conceptual artist Tao Wells.

Literature in the new issue includes poetry by Iain Britton (Auckland), Gu Xie (Guang Zhou) and Anne Cammon (New York), and a history article by Jane Janesly on the indomitable Chew Chong, an early Chinese pioneer to New Zealand who helped kick-start the colony's dairy industry with his fungus-exporting business. Los Angeles writer Juan Santos writes a hard-hitting article on global warming and resource wars in the 21st Century while Wellington artist Tim Bollinger contributes a brand new color comic entitled Noah.

Edited by Ron Hanson.