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16 November 2008

Recently Received

All titles below are available as review copies, except for titles marked with an asterisk, which are hand-bound or otherwise short-run editions and thus are limited, if still available at all.

*Rosa Alcalá, Undocumentary / Ash Smith, Water Shed (Dos Press, 2008)

Robyn Art, The Stunt Double in Winter (Dusie, 2007)

Penelope Austin, Bow (Slope Editions, 2008)

*Jesse Ball, Parables & Lies (The Cupboard, 2008)

Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand, Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space (Palm Press, 2008)

Mary Burger, An Apparent Event (Second Story Books, 2006)

* Mary Burger, A Partial Handbook for Navigators (Interbirth Books, 2008)

Megan Burns, Memorial & Sight Lines (Lavender Ink, 2008)

Trevor Calvert, Rarer and More Wonderful (Scrambler Books, 2008)

Amy Catanzano, iEpiphany (Erudite Fangs Press, 2008)

Brian Culhane, The King's Question (Graywolf Press, 2008)

Kate Eichhorn, Fond (BookThug, 2008)

Karen Fastrup, Beloved of My 27 Senses (BookThug, 2008)

Jennifer Firestone, Holiday (Shearsman Books, 2008)

Skip Fox, For To (BlazeVOX, 2008)

Mark Goldstein, After Rilke (BookThug, 2008)

Dmitry Golynko (Tr. Rebecca Bella, Eugene Ostashevsky, & Simona Schneider) As It Turned Out (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008)

Anne Gorrick, Kyotologic (Shearsman Books, 2008)

Thomas James, Letters to a Stranger (Graywolf Press, 2008)

Lisa Jarnot, Night Scenes (Flood Editions, 2008)

Karen an-hwei Lee, Ardor (Tupelo Press, 2008

Kelly Lydick, Mastering the Dream (Second Story Books, 2007)

Norman MacAfee, One Class (Harbor Mountain Press, 2008)

Travis MacDonald, The O Mission Repo (Fact Simile, 2008)

Mariana Marm (Tr. Daniela Hurezann & Adam J. Sorkin) The Factory of the Past (Toad Press, 2008)

Edgar Mollere, Driven Or Forced Onward, By Or As If By wind or Water (Vagabond Press, 2008)

Rich Murphy, Family Secret (Finishing Line Press, 2008)

Eugene Ostashevsky, The Life and Opinions of DJ Spinoza (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008)

Meredith Quartermain, Matter (BookThug, 2008)

Judith Roitman, No Face (First Intensity Press, 2008)

Joe Ross, Strata (Dusie, 2008)

Jared Schickling, Submissions (BlazeVox Books, 2008)

Christopher Schmidt, The Next In Line (Slope Editions, 2007)

*Ash Smith, Water Shed / Rosa Alcalá, Undocumentary (Dos Press, 2008)

Logan Ryan Smith, The Singers (Dusie, 2007)

Carol Snow, Placed (Counterpath Books, 2008)

Elizabeth Treadwell, Cornstarch Figurine (Dusie, 2006)

Grzegorz Wroblewski (Adam Adrodowski, tr.), Mercury Project (Toad Press, 2008)

Eddie Wright, Broken Bulbs ('86 Newman, 2007)


* Birkensnake One, 2008

Denver Quarterly
(Vol 43 #1, 2008)

(Vol 11, #2), 2008

The Great Ecstatic Reporter
(Issue #2, Summer), 2008

* Matter 11: The Woods

No Colony
(Issue 1), 2008

White Fungus
(Issue 9), 2008