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10 December 2008

Sandy Florian: The Tree of No

Sandy Florian's latest, The Tree of No, is now available from Action Books.

Action Books published her first book as well--Telescope. If you've never read Sandy, you may want Telescope as a primer. Or maybe her chapbook from TSky Press: 32 Pedals & 47 Stops. (Oh, whoops, sorry--if you don't have that already, you missed it. It sold out.)

From co-publisher Johannes' blog, an excerpt:

I become pregnant with a hole. Scoop it out and the void comes down on its head. Then give it thanks and sing into the pit. For he is mindful of me. For he is manful on me. I make a beast of him like I make a beast of the bird, like I make a beast of fish, like I make a beast of the sea scrolling under my feet.
Climb this tree, folks. You'll never want to come down.