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06 February 2009

Bird Dog #10

Bird Dog #10 is waiting for you to pet it. Edited by our hero and past TSky contributor Sarah Mangold, this issue includes new work by TSky Press author Brandon Shimoda and soon-to-be TSky Press author Emily Toder, as well as new work from C. S. Carrier, Christopher DeWeese, Emily Kendal Frey, Anna Fulford, Anne Gorrick, Jac Jemc, Grant Jenkins, Meghan McNealy, Sara Michas-Martin, Cheryl Pallant, Nicole Pollentier, Sarah Rosenthal, Linda Russo, Andrew Sage, Maureen Thorson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and David Wolach. Also included: an interview with Juliana Spahr by Sarah Rosenthal, art from Nathan Cordero, Lauren DiCioccio, and Vanessa Woods, and cover art by Larry Bob Phillips.