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22 February 2009

Recently Received

The following titles are available as review copies through Tarpaulin Sky, except for titles marked with an asterisk, which are hand-bound or otherwise short-run editions and are limited, if still available at all.

Bird Dog #10

Lisa Birman, For that Return Passage (Hollowdeck Press, 2008)

* Ana Božičević, The Stars on the 7:10 to Penn (Dusie / Ellectrique Press,


Blake Butler, EVER (Calamari Press, 2009)

Julia Cohen, The History of a Lake Never Drowns (Dancing Girl Press, 2008)

Denver Quarterly, V43, n2

Andrew Farkas, Self-Titled Debut (Subito Press, 2008)

* Bethany Ides, Approximate L (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2009)

* Lucy Ives, My Thousand Novel (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2009)

Kathleen Jesme, The Plum-Stone Game (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

Brian Johnson, Torch Lake & Other Poems (Del Sol Press, 2008)

Becca Klaver, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape (Greying Ghost Press,


Barbara Maloutas, The Whole Marie (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

* Catherine Meng, Lost Work Book w/ Letters to Deer (Dusie Kollectiv, 2009)

L.J. Moore, F-Stein (Subito Press, 2008)

No Colony #2

* Kim Gek Lin Short, The Residents (Dancing Girl Press, 2008)

* Jill Stengel, Lagniappe (Nous-zot Press / Dusie Kollectiv, 2008)

Cody Walker, Shuffle and Breakdown (Waywiser Press, 2009)

* Arisa White, Disposition for Shininess (Factory Hollow Press, 2008)

White Fungus #10 (NZ)