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24 April 2009

Now Available: INTER, Vol.1

Quite possibly the most beautiful hand-bound journal we've ever seen. Certainly the most beautiful hand-bound journal in which TSky editor Christian Peet's work has appeared.

INTER, Vol. 1
Edited, designed and bound by Micah Robbins / Interbirth Books

INTER Vol. 1 features poems, prose, plays, and prints by David Hadbawnik, Erin Pringle, Hoa Nguyen, Clifton Riley, Richard Owens, Sharon Yablon, Amy Trachtenberg, Mary Burger, Kyle Schlesinger, Christian Peet, Lauren Dixon, and Francis Raven.

139 pages -- 66/8 in. x 86/8 in.

If you want it, get it quickly: this is a VERY Limited Edition of 26 books, each with fine, handmade and hand-sewn using a combination long/kettle stitch.

Wethinks it should cost twice what it does, but you can own it for a mere $15 (w/free shipping in the United States)