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28 May 2009

Recently Received

Most of the titles that follow are available as review copies at Tarpaulin Sky, except for titles marked with an asterisk, which are hand-bound or otherwise short-run editions and are limited, if still available at all.

Radu Andriescu, Iustin Panta, Cristian Popescu, Memory Glyphs: Three Prose Poets from Romania, translated by Adam J. Sorkin (Twisted Spoon Press, 2009)

Elizabeth Bachinsky’s Curio: Grotesques & Satires from the Electronic Age (BookThug, 2009)

Anselm Berrigan’s To Hell With Sleep (Letter Machine Press, 2009)

Michael Boughn’s 22 Skiddoo / Subtractions (BookThug, 2009)

Stephen Burt’s Close Calls with Nonsense (Graywolf Press, 2009)

Melissa Buzzeo’s Face (BookThug, 2009)

Ed Cyzewski’s Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life (NavPress, 2008)

Reg Darling’s Hartwell Road (iUniverse, 2009)

Denver Quarterly Vol. 43, No. 3

Ben Doller’s FAQ (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

Elena Fanailova’s The Russian Version (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009)

Skip Fox’s Delta Blues (Ahadada Books, 2009)

* Inter #1

Rachel Loden’s Dick of the Dead (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

Justin Marks’ A Million in Prizes (New Issues, 2009)

*Pocket Myths #2, 3, & 4

Michael Rerick’s In Ways Impossible to Fold (Marsh Hawk Press, 2008)

Matthew Rohrer's A Plate of Chicken (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2009)

Micahel Schiavo’s The Mad Song (Shires Press, 2008)

Adam Seelig’s Talking Masks (BookThug, 2009)

*Kim Gek Lin Short’s The Residents (Dancing Girl Press, 2008)

Spider Vein Impasto (Blood Pudding, 2009)

*Mathias Svalina’s Play (The Cupboard, 2009)

Tight #4 (Shires Press, 2008)

Sara Veglahn’s Another Random Heart (Letter Machine Press, 2009)

With + Stand #3