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23 August 2009


Tarpaulin Sky Print Issues # 1 and #2 are now available free, in their entirety, online. They remain available for purchase as paper issues as well.

Tarpaulin Sky Issue #15 | Print Issue #2

Cover Art by Brandon Downing. New work by 35 contributors: Aidan Thompson, Amber Nelson, Andrew Michael Roberts, Bernard Noël, Blake Butler, Brian Henry, Brigitte Byrd, Cal Freeman, Corey Mesler, Dan Thomas-Glass, Erin Lyndal Martin, George Kalamaras , Gregory Howard, Heather Green, Jamey Dunham, Jess Neiweem, Jill Magi, Joanna Ruocco, Jonah Winter, Kim Gek Lin Short, Kristen E. Nelson, Kristi Maxwell, Laynie Browne, Mark Cunningham, Megan Martin, Michael Clearwater, Michael Rerick, Patrick Morrissey, Peter Davis, Rae Gouirand, Rauan Klassnik, Richard Froude, Rob Cook, Sara Veglahn, and Tim Roberts.

Read it here for free. Or buy it here because you like what you read.

Tarpaulin Sky Issue #13 / Print Issue #1

Featuring new work by Rosa Alcalá, Samuel Amadon, Lucy Anderton, Claire Becker, Cara Benson, Ilya Bernstein, Joseph Bradshaw, Popahna Brandes, Daniel Brenner, Lily Brown, Julie Carr, Laura Carter, Jon Christensen, Heather Christle, John Cotter & Shafer Hall, Patrick Culliton, John Deming, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Danielle Dutton, Sandy Florian, Hillary Gravendyk, Annie Guthrie, Brent Hendricks, Anna Maria Hong, John Hyland, Lucy Ives, Karla Kelsey, Steve Langan, Barbara Maloutas, Sarah Mangold, Justin Marks, Teresa K. Miller, Jefferson Navicky, Bryson Newhart, Nadia Nurhussein, Thomas O'Connell, Caryl Pagel, Nate Pritts, Elizabeth Robinson, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Spencer Selby, Brandon Shimoda, Lytton Smith, Sampson Starkweather, Mathias Svalina, Jen Tynes, Prabhakar Vasan, Della Watson, Theodore Worozbyt, Bethany Wright, and Kristen Yawitz.

Read it here for free. Or buy it here because you like what you read.


A handful of review copies of Gordon Massman’s The Essential Numbers 1991 – 2008 are available to anyone who sends an email to editors[at]tarpaulinsky[dot]com letting us know why you’re interested in Gordon’s work and where you’ve placed reviews in the past.


Most of the titles below are available for review, though we include the friend copies and the purchased copies as well, thinking we can probably scare up another copy if you're interested in reviewing one for TSky. Titles marked with asterisks are hand-bound books or are otherwise special editions and are limited, if still available at all.

James Haug, Legend of the Recent Past (The National Poetry Review Press, 2009)

* Jamey Jones, Twelve Windows (Brown Boke / Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

Bhanu Kapil, Humanimal: A Project for Future Children (Kelsey Street Press, 2009)

Rachel Levitsky, Neighbor (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

* 6X6, Issue 18: A barrel of herrings (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)