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08 January 2010

New from Interbirth Books: Richard Owens's _ Embankments _

Richard Owens

Interbirth Books 2010
5.0625" x 7.375", 43 pp.
$15 (w/free shipping in the US)

Seventy-five books (twenty-six of which are lettered A through Z) were designed, printed, assembled, and hand bound 100% in-house by Micah Robbins and Clifton Riley at Interbirth Books. The stitch is a buttonhole. The cover is an original screen / litho print.

If you've never held an Interbirth book in yours hands, you owe it to yourself to buy one. These beauties should cost about 5 times what they do, but Micah and Clifton, being great guys, insist on making high-end books available to low-end incomes.

Keep on the lookout, too, for Interbirth's upcoming projects, which include Diane di Prima's Loba Desesperada, and TSky Press publisher Christian Peet's Pluto: Never Forget (Book 2 of The Nines).

You can keep tabs on all things Interbirth--including the next issue of their handbound-plus-online magazine, Inter--by visiting their newly-redesigned website,