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30 January 2010

Eleni Sikelianos, Poet-In-Residence at Flatmancrooked

In case you missed it, Tarpaulin Sky and Trickhouse poet Eleni Sikelianos appeared as Flatmancrooked Publishing's inaugural Poet-In-Residence. My favorite excerpt so far is from week 7 -
A dark water into which the light descends only a short distance, vestigial gill-slits emerge as the fluid colloid pours in. A luminous, liquid night. Underwater, one can think and dream. All our aqueous history laid out on the sea-floor. In the emulsified dusk, one can see the strings of a violin held down by eel-like pinkies. One can travel, one can go.

- from "Interview (Who is Asking / Who is Answering)" in The Book of Jon
Two more entries from Eleni are expected over the next few weeks, which will complete her run as FMC's first PIR. Readers, stay tuned.