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27 September 2010

Free Book Friday--Even on a Monday!

Hey there, recession vics: Good news. Free Book Friday at LitDrift "gives you the best titles in indie publishing for the low low price of nothing," and right now, "the best titles in indie publishing" = Tarpaulin Sky Press titles, but of course!

This week it's Traci O. Connor's Recipes for Endangered Species, wherein--in addition to copious b&w photos of some frightening cocktails--a dying lover plans to become a zombie, an anxious woman cant decide if she’s animal or human, and Jesus the size of a pencil lurks beneath the bed. Monsters, monsters, everywhere, and yet Publishers Weekly calls these fictions “tender, aching love stories.” Go figure!

Lyrical, darkly funny, sometimes outright disturbing, this collection explores the secret desires that render people not only imperfect and dangerous, but also authentically human. Says Brian Evenson: “These deftly written stories rear and buck against the confines of the traditional story collection, bursting out in images and recipes, galloping back and forth between traditional paragraphs and alternate forms. . . . Even though you're moving fast enough that you could end up anywhere, Connor's thought about every single word, every gesture, and she can turn each story on a dime. This is a marvelous debut."

Now shuffle your broke behind on over to LitDrift and score yourself not only some reading material for those long lines at the food shelf, but also some cocktail recipes to ease the pain . . .