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04 November 2010

Interview with new TSky Press author Sarah Goldstein

at Open Letters Monthly, who also includes a generous selection of Sarah's visual art.

Sarah was born in Toronto and lives in western Massachusetts.  Her artwork has been exhibited in the US and Canada, and her first book, Fables, is forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky Press in spring of 2011.

Here's a little excerpt from the interview:

Over the years I’ve encountered various images/depictions of St. Eustace, usually it’s a scene where he is having his vision in the woods of the stag with the cross between the antlers, and he’s kneeling on the ground in awe in front of a creature he’d normally be trying to kill. I’ve always loved scenes like that, or illustrations of fairy tales or Aesop’s fables–something dramatic is happening, something where traditional roles or behavior has changed or gotten mixed up. Another one I like with a similar sense of drama and transition is The Conversion of Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus by Caravaggio, where the horse is half of the picture and Paul is on the ground, practically underneath the horse … it’s very odd in that the horse is this large and stable part of the composition, almost the star of the painting, and Paul is this helpless guy down below. . . .