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04 November 2010

Recently Received / Review Copies Available

[NOTE: Most of the titles below are available for review at Tarpaulin Sky. Titles marked with asterisks are hand-bound books or special editions and are limited, if still available.--Eds.]

Manoel de Barros, Birds for a Demolition. Translated by Idra Novey (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2010)

Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Danielle Dutton, Matt Hart, Shane Michalik, City (Sidebrow Books, 2010)

Denver Quarterly, Vol. 45, No. 1

Mary Leader, Beyond the Fire (Shearsman Books, 2010)

Jennifer L. Knox, The Mysteries of the Hidden Driveway (Bloof Books, 2010)

Evan Lavender-Smith, Avatar (Six Gallery Press, 2011)

Shane McCrae, In Canaan (Rescue Press, 2010)

* Christian Peet, Pluto: Never Forget (Interbirth Books, 2010)

Omar Perez, Did You Hear About the Fighting Cat? Translated by Kristin Dykstra (Shearsman Books, 2010)

Elizabeth Austen, Andrea Bates, Carol Stevens Kner, Sarah Suzor, Sightline (Toadlily Press, 2010)

* Robert Walser, An Answer to an Inquiry (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010)

James Warner, All Her Father's Guns (Numina Press, 2010)