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09 March 2011

Advance Reader Copies Available: Jenny Boully's not merely becuase of the unknown that was stalking toward them

not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them

ISBN 9780982541678
Fiction/Poetry/Lyric Essay
6"x8", 80pp., pbk. |  June 2011
Cover art: Noah Saterstrom

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A dark re-visioning of J.M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy—as only Jenny Boully could have written.


For The Book of Beginnings and Endings: Passionate sensitivity of the kind that makes us fear for our adolescent children. Its absence in our own lives may well make our children fear for us as well. (Los Angeles Times) Jenny is the future of nonfiction in America. What an absurdly arrogant statement to make. I make it anyway. Watch. (John D'Agata) The binding is neither genre nor gender but eros itself, both of the physical variety and the type that caresses the noun and its attendants. Anne Carson comes to mind. But so does Lawrence Durrell, because cerebral as the book is, it is often winkingly so, and if not the overlay, the interior is sensual. (C. D. Wright) Yes, Aristotle, there can be pleasure without 'complete and unified action with a beginning, middle, and end." She uses form in a way that undercuts our every expectation based on previous encounters with prose. (Mary Jo Bang)

For [One Love Affair]*: Nominated for five awards, winner of two—Best Book of New Poetry Published in 2006, and Best Second BookColdfront Magazine. A genre-bending back-pocket book.... gritty and intellectual ... addictive and soothing ... fitting for just about anyone’s bookshelf. . . . You’re reading the book for second, third, and fourth time. (Coldfront) Her fresh style challenges the ways in which we construct narratives and read texts . . . and ultimately leaves us wanting more, more, always more Boully. (Matrix) Boully’s fluid, lyrical writing makes what could be a difficult, intimidating read instead a delightful one.... Playful engagement with narrative levels of reality (poems within poems, stories within stories). I highly recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a way into the “trans-genre” of prose poetry. (Open Letters Monthly)

For The Body: An Essay: From the most minute particulars of intimate confession to the long history of literary forms, from the body of the lover to the body of the text, note for note, Jenny Boully's The Body: An Essay documents and destroys in equal measure. (Craig Dworkin) A strange and magical performance. It resembles a novella overheard through a keyhole, or a nouvelle vague film beheld through a plume of Babylonian smoke. Jenny Boully's mini-epic makes its statement quietly, and with a devilish, terraced charm, like a Derridean outburst turned into topiary. (Wayne Koestenbaum) A courageous and thoughtful new voice in literature. (Jacket)


Jenny Boully is the author of The Book of Beginnings and Endings (Sarabande, 2007), [one love affair]* (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2006), The Body: An Essay (Essay Press, 2007 and Slope Editions, 2002), and the chapbook Moveable Types (Noemi Press, 2007). Her work has been anthologized in The Next American Essay, The Best American Poetry, Language for a New Century, and Great American Prose Poems. Born in Thailand and reared in Texas, she teaches nonfiction and poetry at Columbia College Chicago.