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05 March 2011

The Nation features Tarpaulin Sky Press author Joanna Ruocco and Man's Companions

The Nation has published a feature on Tarpaulin Sky Press author Joanna Ruocco, including a great review of Man's Companions, as well as a look at her fab novel from Ellipsis Press, Mothering Coven.

Also revealed is Joanna's once-secret nom de guerre. . . .

Says David Carroll Simon, of Ruocco and Man's Companions:
Ruocco delivers something stranger than banal moralizing. In the final paragraph, she steers the narrative into foreign territory, and the weirdness of her conclusion is doubled by her ability to meet and then flout expectations with a single gesture, offering up the anticipated feminist insights in the least predictable fashion. . . . Ruocco restores the power of a familiar critique by rendering it uncanny. . . . When you read her stories, you find yourself warped from one world to another, transported by the flight of her words between languages.
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