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15 April 2011

Tarpaulin Sky announces 2010 chapbook picks!

Tarpaulin Sky Press is delighted to announce that it has chosen not one but two chapbooks from the 2010 reading period: Claire Hero's "Dollyland," and  Paula Koneazny's "Installation," which will be published in Fall or Winter 2011.

Claire Hero is the author of Sing, Mongrel (Noemi Press, 2009) and two chapbooks: Cabinet (dancing girl press) and afterpastures, winner of the 2007 Caketrain Chapbook Competition. Her poems appear in journals such as Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Foursquare, Handsome, La Petite Zine, A Public Space, Octopus, and in the anthology, narrative (dis)continuities: prose experiments by younger american writers, and elsewhere. She lives in upstate New York, where she teaches at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Paula Koneazny's poetry appears in Aufgabe, bone bouquet, New American Writing, OR, and on the Kelsey Street Press blog. She is an assistant editor of Volt.

We received many fine manuscripts. Too many, honestly--it's much easier to make decisions when manuscripts are not so "fine." If you own a press and produce chapbooks and are looking for recommendations, we would like to point you to a large handful of ones--well, thirty-five--that made us remember why we read at all. (& Look for work from many of these authors, forthcoming in our Chronic Content!):

Anthony Alessandrini, "Four Ways of Removing a Wall (A Field Manual)"
David Bartone, "Interstate"
Bryan Beck, "Monster of the Year"
Devin Becker, "Me-You: The Poems of Chad Penderson"
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, "a slice from the cake made of air" and "{H0}"
Lindsey Boldt, "Do Me, Dreamlife"
David Brennan, "Another Gallows"
Lisa Ciccarello, "Under the town, a map"
Dereck Clemons, "Pyramidd: Constructs historical: or In Action"
Daniel Coudriet, "Private Astronomies"
Farnoosh Fathi, "come-come-where-where-all-together- down-the-hill"
Joe Hall, "Apocalesque"
Ally Harris, "Floor Baby"
Jess Hagemann, "Hungry"
Jenny Gropp Hess, "Organographies"
Steven Karl, "From Every Slit Throat Still Song"
Jason Labbe, "Black Wash Canal"
Sara Levine, "Tiny Signs of Disrespect"
Ella Longpre, "The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone"
Barbara Maloutas, "Later, Wetness"
Tony Mancus, "Dates & Times" and "A Vessel Interior"
Stefania Irene Marthakis, "(from) A Filmmaker's Handbook"
Margarita Meklina, "Linea Nigra"
Andy Nicholson, "The Ground that Music Moves"
Danielle Pafunda, "The Dead Girls Speak in Unison"
Kristin Palm, "Lake Merritt Field Notes"
Lance Phillips, "from Nietzsche’s Bed"
Francis Raven, "Taking Over the World"
Marthe Reed, "Nights Reading"
Kristin Sanders, "This is a map of their watching me"
Michael Sikkema and Jen Tynes, "Autogeography"
Gale Marie Thompson, "Come to the Kitchen, Kelsey"
Tony Trigilio, "Pay Per View"
Danielle Vogel, "Clasp, a hypnosis project"
Arianne Zwartjes, "Disem(body): A Tracing"

STAY TUNED for an announcement (shooting for the end of April) on the 2010 full-length manuscript submissions!