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07 June 2011

Bookslut reviews Jenny Boully's *not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them*

At Bookslut, Micah McCrary reviews Jenny Boully's not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them, out this month from Tarpaulin Sky Press.

Here are two of our favorite quotes from the review.
Boully, both a poet and an essayist by experience, knows perfectly well how to weave together the intricacies of chosen words and images with an arc essential to an impacting story, and the key to her prose here lies not in its darkness or its grownup-ness, but rather its careful tiptoeing between the minds and hearts of characters whose surfaces we've known for decades....

[T]o delve into Boully's work is to dive with faith from the plank -- to jump, with hope and belief and a wish to see what the author has given us: a fresh, imaginative look at a tale as ageless as Peter himself. One must, when reading the work, “dispel every other thought,” as Calvino would say. They must find themselves in a locked room, perhaps on a couch, perhaps in the bath (to dream of mer-creatures), or perhaps almost prostrate in bed with wide and absorbing eyes. They must be willing to fly themselves....

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