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01 June 2011

Julianna Spallholz's debut collection of short fictions, The State of Kansas...

cannot be published soon enough. Get a little taste here. The actual pub date is Fall 2011. This is what Christian said about it: "I'm guessing that Lydia Davis and Diane Williams fans will be the most excited, but only because no one is waiting on new Hemingway or Carver, and Spallholz is something like the love child of all four. Don’t ask me how that works, or how Spallholz does what she does, but the end result is an astonishing debut. Indeed the whole genre of short-fictions is getting a major facelift of late, thanks to a proliferation of young and youngish U.S. women writers such as Danielle Dutton, Amelia Gray, Joanna Howard, Alissa Nutting, Joanna Ruocco, Deb Olin Unferth, Lidia Yuknavitch, et al—and now, Julianna Spallholz. I have been welcomed into homes I should not have been welcomed into, writes Spallholz. I have touched things I probably should not have touched. Hell yeah. Lucky us."