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06 March 2008

The Jungle, from Rope-a-Dope Press

What Tarpaulin Sky Press wants for its birthday: The Jungle, Rope-a-Dope Press' handbound anthology of The Manila Broadsides.

Tarpaulin Sky has not only seen but has touched this book. It vibrates on a frequency somewhere between Lascaux cave paintings and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Jungle. 13" x 11", hardcover, Coptic binding. Inside of which, gathered by publishers & editors Robert daVies & Mary Walker Graham, is a collection of broadsides featuring So and So Reading Series poets Shafer Hall, Cecily Parks, Ravi Shankar, Dan Boehl, Dan Hoy, Gina Myers, Michael Carr, C.S. Carrier, Lori Shine, Phil Cordelli, Hazel McClure, Keith Newton, Douglas Hahn, Daniel Magers, Maya Pindyck, Andrea Baker, Jennifer Bartlett, and Reb Livingston; and artists Anna Trzaska, James Weinberg, Catherine Bourassa-Hebert, Sadie Bliss, Robert daVies, and Nik Gulacsik.

A collaboration between Rope-a-Dope Press and The So and So Series, The Jungle was made by hand in an edition of twelve in January 2008. The covers, doublures, and end pages were printed on LamaLi and Rives BFK papers using lead type, polymer plates, and screenprints. The text throughout was set by hand on a Vandercook SP20 in the typeface Caslon. The Manila Broadsides were printed in editions of seventy-two each on Rives BFK and French Co. papers.