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09 March 2008

New Issue of Action, Yes

We're a couple weeks late in noticing, because Joyelle and Johannes apparently left us out of the loop, but we won't hold it against them. Indeed we encourage you to stop reading this and just click here to check out the new issue.

Among other things, it includes poems and translations by TSky contributor Rosa Alcala, along with Ray Bianchi, Rocio Ceron, Lara Glenum, Sergio Medeiros, Gabriel & Marcel Piqueray, Lila Zemborain and many others. It also includes the documentation of a multimedia performance by Daniel Tiffany, Andrea Loselle, Daniel Rothman, Theodore Mook.

The issue also features Swedish scholar Lars Bäckström's analysis of how issues of translation have influenced discussions of theories of the avant-garde.

Action, Yes would be interested in running response-essays in the next issues. If you are interested, email them.