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09 March 2008

Johannes Göransson's _Pilot _("Johann the Carousel Horse")

Pilot ("Johann the Carousel Horse")

by Johannes Göransson
Fairytale Review Press
$12, available here, at SPD
ISBN 978-0-9799954-1-5

Pilot ("Johann the Carousel Horse") is an assemblage, a book of nursery rhymes gone wrong in translation. Its strange characters, abandoned from other texts, include Lilja, the Pearls of Stockholm and assorted imperiled girls. Here, in Johannes Göransson's glittering exocity, they find a new and beautifully stitched home. Göransson was born and raised in Skåne, Sweden, but has lived in the US for many years. He is co-editor of Action Books and has translated the work of Aase Berg, Henry Parland, Ann Jäderlund and other Swedish and Finland Swedish poets.