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19 May 2008

New from TSky Press: G.C. Waldrep's _One Way No Exit_

One Way No Exit
G.C. Waldrep

8.5" x 5.5", 56 pages, side-bolted
150 numbered copies
May, 2008

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“There are only two human figures in all of America,” G.C. Waldrep declares in One Way No Exit, “and I have already seen them. Everything else is socks and recognizance, flutter and mood.” Waldrep builds on photographer Peter Rathmann's portraits of the American landscape to create a lyric inquiry into the nature of patriotism, spirituality, photography, 20th-century American visual art, and what he terms “the surprisingly unmapped avoidances of America's small towns.” Moving quickly between snapshot takes of the South and West and the works of Mark Rothko, David Hockney, Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, and many others, Waldrep attempts to make of his poem a bubble-like iridescence, “a skin on which objects rest.” “This is in the nature of the medium,” Waldrep concludes, “God visited upon objects. A photograph, like David Hockney, is a poem that looks good when it doesn't have to.”

About the Author

G.C. Waldrep’s collections of poems are Goldbeater’s Skin (Colorado Prize, 2003), Disclamor (BOA Editions, 2007), and a chapbook, The Batteries (New Michigan Press, 2005). He lives in Lewisburg, Pa., and teaches at Bucknell University.