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16 March 2009

Notes for 16 March 09

1. We have finally made it through all full-length manuscripts and will announce new titles within the week.

2. Cynthia Reeser reviews Mark Cunningham's "beautifully designed" (thank you, Ms. Reeser) Body Language and interviews Mark (wherein he discloses what we've always suspected: "the book as a whole has for its ideal readers curious children and space aliens") at Prick of the Spindle.

3. Craig Santos Perez reviews Jenny Boully's one love affair at Rattle.

4. "Hypocrite Lecteur" Tim Marcuson, new to blogging, commits an early post to kind words about GC Waldrep's chap, which, it so happens, has now officially sold out.

5. And TSky has posted new reviews as well:

a. Sidebrow#2 reviewed by AD Jameson
b. Denise Newman's Wild Goods, reviewed by Aidan Thompson
c. Anne Blonstein's memory's morning, reviewed by Kathrin Schaeppi
d. Dmitry Golynko's As It Turns Out, reviewed by Eireene Nealand
6. Justin Mark's new chapbook, Voir Dire, is now available from Rope-a-Dope Press. Letterpressed in an edition of 96, one would be hardpressed to spend $8--which includes shipping--more wisely.

7. Shampoo Issue 35 features a section of poetry from Germany (in German with English translations) brought to you by Guest Editors Ron Winkler and Christian Lux, as well as a special section from Guest Editor Ronald Palmer. Poets & translators include Stephanie Young, Uljana Wolf, Jan Wagner, David Trinidad, Thien Tran, Barbara Thimm, Mark Terrill, Brian Teare, Gary Sullivan, Ramsey Scott, Tom Schulz, Katharina Schultens, Sabine Scho, JD Schneider, Ulrike Almut Sandig, Andre Rudolph, Jan Volker Röhnert, Lawrence Rinder, Nikola Richter, Kevin Prufer, Georgina Paul, Ethan Paquin, Danielle Pafunda, Peter Nickowitz, Daniel Nester, Steph Morris, Sara Larsen, Norbert Lange, Wayne Koestenbaum, Kevin Killian, Ernst Herbeck, Duriel E. Harris, Catherine Hales, Matthias Goeritz, Jane Gibian, Iain Galbraith, Johannes CS Frank, Michael Farrell, Daniel Falb, Carl Christian Elze, Peter Covino, Ann Cotten, CAConrad, Jenny Boully, Jennifer Blowdryer, Nico Bleutge, Mark Bibbins, Susan Bernofsky, Dodie Bellamy, Toby Axelrod & Shane Allison, with scratch&sniff ShampooArt by Otto Chan. Edited by Del Ray Cross.