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16 March 2009

Recently Received

Most of the titles that follow are available as review copies, except for titles marked with an asterisk, which are hand-bound or otherwise short-run editions and are limited, if still available at all.

Walter Abish, 99: The New Meaning (Burning Deck, 1990)

* 6x6, Issue #17 (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

Marianne Apostolides, Swim: a novel (BookThug, 2009)

Eric Baus, Tuned Droves (Octopus Books, 2008)

R.M. Berry, ed., Forms at War: FC2 1999-2009 (FC2, 2009)

Jenny Boully, The Body: An Essay (Essay Press, 2007)

Alison Bundy, Keith Waldrop, Rosemarie Waldrop, eds., One Score More: The Second 20 Years of Burning Deck 1982-2002 (Burning Deck, 2002)

Joshua Casteel, Letters from Abu Ghraib (Essay Press, 2008)

Norma Cole, ed., trans., Crosscut Universe: Writing on Writing from France (Burning Deck, 2000)

* Ellie Ga, Classification of a Spit Stain (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

* Lawrence Giffin, Get the Fuck Back Into That Burning Plane (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

Albert Goldbarth, Griffin (Essay Press, 2007)

* Regan Good, The Book of Nature (Ugly Duckling Press, 2009)

Anne Gorrick, Kyotologic (Shearsman Books, 2008)

Jean Grosjean, An Earth of Time, Keith Waldrop, trans. (Burning Deck, 2006)

Carla Harryman, Adorno's Noise (Essay Press, 2008)

* Jared Hayes, from fiftyfarms (Caribou Press/Dusie Kollectiv, 2008)

Lisa Jarnot, Some Other Kind of Mission (Burning Deck, 3rd ed., 2008)

Elizabeth MacKiernan, Ancestors Maybe (Burning Deck, 1993)

Jill Magi, Torchwood (Shearsman Books, 2008)

* Linnea Ogden, Another Limit (Projective Industries, 2009)

Kristen Prevallet, I Afterlife: Essay in Mourning Time (Essay Press, 2007)

* Gretchen Primack, The Slow Creaking of Planets (Finishing Line Press, 2007)

Zoe Sk├Âulding, From Here (Ypolita Press/Dusie Kollectiv, 2008)

Ulf Stolterfoht, Lingos I-IX, Rosemarie Waldrop, trans. (Burning Deck/Anyart, 2006)

Donald Wellman, Prolog Pages (Ahadada Books, 2009)

Dallas Wiebe, The Vox Populi Street Stories (Burning Deck, 2003)