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22 February 2009

Recently Received

The following titles are available as review copies through Tarpaulin Sky, except for titles marked with an asterisk, which are hand-bound or otherwise short-run editions and are limited, if still available at all.

Bird Dog #10

Lisa Birman, For that Return Passage (Hollowdeck Press, 2008)

* Ana Božičević, The Stars on the 7:10 to Penn (Dusie / Ellectrique Press,


Blake Butler, EVER (Calamari Press, 2009)

Julia Cohen, The History of a Lake Never Drowns (Dancing Girl Press, 2008)

Denver Quarterly, V43, n2

Andrew Farkas, Self-Titled Debut (Subito Press, 2008)

* Bethany Ides, Approximate L (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2009)

* Lucy Ives, My Thousand Novel (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2009)

Kathleen Jesme, The Plum-Stone Game (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

Brian Johnson, Torch Lake & Other Poems (Del Sol Press, 2008)

Becca Klaver, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape (Greying Ghost Press,


Barbara Maloutas, The Whole Marie (Ahsahta Press, 2009)

* Catherine Meng, Lost Work Book w/ Letters to Deer (Dusie Kollectiv, 2009)

L.J. Moore, F-Stein (Subito Press, 2008)

No Colony #2

* Kim Gek Lin Short, The Residents (Dancing Girl Press, 2008)

* Jill Stengel, Lagniappe (Nous-zot Press / Dusie Kollectiv, 2008)

Cody Walker, Shuffle and Breakdown (Waywiser Press, 2009)

* Arisa White, Disposition for Shininess (Factory Hollow Press, 2008)

White Fungus #10 (NZ)

12 February 2009

New Action, Yes

That's affirmative: Issue #9 of Action, Yes is online features work by TSky editor Christian Peet and TSky contributors Dodie Bellamy, Rauan Klassnik, and Jill Magi, as well as work by Ellen Baxt, Amy Clark, Tina Darragh, Kate Dougherty, Sara Tuss Efrik, Elizabeth Ellen, Clayton Eshleman, Jennifer H. Fortin, Angela Genusa, Lara Glenum, Lily Hoang, P. Inman, Matt Kirkpatrick, Aaron Kunin, Mark Leidner, Sabrina Orah Mark, Alissa Nutting, James Pate, Claudia Smith & Dan Grissom, Girija Tropp, Pirke Avot, and Evan Willner.

Edited by Johannes Göransson, John Dermot Woods and TSky Press author Joyelle McSweeney.

06 February 2009

Bird Dog #10

Bird Dog #10 is waiting for you to pet it. Edited by our hero and past TSky contributor Sarah Mangold, this issue includes new work by TSky Press author Brandon Shimoda and soon-to-be TSky Press author Emily Toder, as well as new work from C. S. Carrier, Christopher DeWeese, Emily Kendal Frey, Anna Fulford, Anne Gorrick, Jac Jemc, Grant Jenkins, Meghan McNealy, Sara Michas-Martin, Cheryl Pallant, Nicole Pollentier, Sarah Rosenthal, Linda Russo, Andrew Sage, Maureen Thorson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, and David Wolach. Also included: an interview with Juliana Spahr by Sarah Rosenthal, art from Nathan Cordero, Lauren DiCioccio, and Vanessa Woods, and cover art by Larry Bob Phillips.

No Colony #2

No Colony #2
Edited by Blake Butler

Including new work by TSky Press editor Christian Peet, forthcoming TSky Press author Joanna Ruocco, and past TSky Lit Journal contributors Rauan Klassnik, Bryson Newhart, as well as Blake Butler Himself--not to mention a few other greats, including Isadora Bey, Kristina Born, Aaron Burch, Luca Dipierro, Scott Garson, Rachel B. Glaser, Chris Higgs, Brandon Hobson, Edward Kim, Matt Kirkpatrick, Lee Klein, Darby Larson, Evan Lavender-Smith, Patrick Leonard, Eugene Lim, Sean Lovelace, Anthony Luebbert, Conor Madigan, Gene Morgan, Jennifer Pieroni, Kathryn Regina, Bradley Sands, Ken Sparling, William Walsh, and Corey Zeller.

Now Available: Blake Butler's EVER

a novella by Blake Butler
w/art by Derek White
Calamari Press, 2009
104 pages, perfectbound
ISBN 978-0-9798080-6-7

Read excerpts from EVER in Tarpaulin Sky Issue #15/Print #2. Or just buy the book. We did. Even though we might have received a review copy sooner or later. That's how we do. How do you? Do you Ever?

"Within the psychic architecture that is EVER, Blake Butler explores the way bodies swell and contract, going from skin to house and back again. And the way houses too shrink to fit us first like clothing and then like skin and then tighter still. The result is a strange, visionary ontological dismemberment that takes you well beyond what you'd ever expect."
—Brian Evenson

"Blake Butler is a daring invigorator of the literary sentence, and the room-ridden narrator of his debut novella, EVER, nerves her way into a hallucinative ruckus of rousing originality."
—Gary Lutz

"In EVER—as in, indicating any time in the past or future-light is entropic; "the sky could lift your skin off"; domestic rituals are anamorphotic mind fucks granting "no exit method"; and doors won't open even when you don't try. Articulating viscera, ever inside, Butler's narrative dispatches are enclosed between parentheses like unfinished houses, the pages opening out occasionally into exquisitely burnished fields of imagery. Much in the way minerals are pushed up past the mantle by core collisions, EVER reads to me like new evidence, delicate gear that allows us to glimpse a place we've always lived but still don't know."
—Miranda Mellis