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06 March 2010

Birds, LLC; Diagram 10.1; Trickhouse, Vol. 8

Trickhouse volume 8 features work from Kate Greenstreet, Jen Bervin, and an interview with Shelly Taylor, whose book, Black-Eyed Heifer, is forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky Press this Spring.

Visual artist: Ilana Halperin
Writers: Laura Sims, Jen Bervin, Kate Greenstreet
Guest curator: Shelton Walsmith
Sound: Eric Jordan
Video: Vincent Goudreau
Correspondent: Nora Herting
Interview: Kristen Nelson with Shelly Taylor
Experiment: Richard Upchurch

Please visit the Trickhouse Back Room, too, for new work: video by Erin Costello, installation by Kerri Rosenstein, and drawings by Oriol Sàbat. Trickhouse is currently accepting image, sound and video submissions for the Back Room. For submission guidelines, click here.

Birds, LLC, "a new independent poetry press specializing in close author relationships in order to make the most awesome books in the world," announces its first two books: The French Exit by Elisa Gabbert and The Trees Around by Chris Tonelli.

Take advantage of Birds' special pre-sale offer, and buy the first two Birds, LLC releases for just $20. The pre-sale offer lasts until March 31st. Books ship the first week in April.

About The French Exit:

It’s a pleasure to listen to the opinions of the narrator of The French Exit. Clear-eyed imagery and wit control the anxiety: “[A] boy at the counter disappears / or I can see through him.” Likewise, in a fine prose poem: “Do not be afraid of angering the birds. What angers the birds is fear.” The energy throughout Gabbert’s collection has the clip of the French exit itself – allons-y! – self-aware, self-sufficient, in control, in touch. --Caroline Knox

About The Trees Around:

Full of the will and the weather, that great skeptic Wallace Stevens walked to work and wrote his poems, poems you may well already love and believe. (Good, as they say, for you.) And as for Chris Tonelli, he walks in that integrity: read him, and be merciful unto yourself. His foot standeth in an even place. This book’ll make you bloom.--Graham Foust

Diagram 10.1 features work from Blake Butler, Brian Evenson, and a crucial table showing suicidal poets and their "control" poets.