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15 February 2010

Rabbit Light Movies

Since 2007, Joshua Marie Wilkinson has been recording Rabbit Light Movies: videos of poets reading their own work. He began by recording himself and Julie Doxsee on the eve of AWP in Atlanta, in an effort to promote their work in Octopus 8. "It didn't become an internet journal until the fourth or fifth episode," Wilkinson notes, "when the wastefulness and costs caught up with me."

When asked about the process of gathering material, Wilkinson said "The process is varied: sometimes I contact writers and ask them to read something; sometimes they send me audio, and I find footage to suit it--without trying to illustrate the work or distract from it; sometimes it's a way to meet new writers; and sometimes it's a way to work with my friends." Forrest Gander (linked below) submitted the audio for his video, which includes music and his voice. Wilkinson added the film.

When asked about whether or not he had ever sent anyone a camera, Wilkinson responded he hasn't, "but I wouldn't be opposed to it."

"Recently folks have sent--at my request--their own videos. And then Joel Craig lets me film at Danny's in Chicago sometimes. And Mathias and Julia Cohen made some for me this last time, too. Each episode something changes. So, it happens in various ways."

Episode 10 was just recently released and includes Forrest Gander, Karla Kelsey, Sara Veglahn, Laura Mullen, and others.

Here are a few examples:

Bhanu Kapil (from Episode 10):

Tony Tost (from Episode 10):

Julie Doxsee (from Episode 10):

Johannes Goransson (from Episode 7):