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24 May 2010

Thirty-plus Free Books for Review from Ahsahta, Burning Deck, FC2, Shearsman, Tarpaulin Sky and dozens more

We have a lot of books ready for your reviewing pleasure. First, of course, four of TSky Press's own, for those of you looking to review our books at another venue:

* Traci O Connor, Recipes for Endangered Species

* Joanna Ruocco, Man's Companions

* Kim Gek Lin Short, The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits

* Shelly Taylor, Black-Eyed Heifer

If you're interested in reviewing one or more of our titles, just send an email with your mailing address and let us know where we can expect to read your review: cpeet [at] tarpaulinsky [dot] com

We also have a ton of fresh review copies from other fab presses. If you'd like to review one of these at TSky's reviews blog, you can also email cpeet [at] tarpaulinsky [dot] com. For a full list of review copies available from other presses, please click here.

Recently Received:

Rosa Alcalá, Undocumentaries (Shearsman Books, 2010)

Cara Benson, (made) (BookThug, 2010)

David Brennan, The White Visitation (BlazeVox Books, 2010)

Laynie Browne, The Desires of Letters (Counterpath Press, 2010)

Don Mee Choi, The Morning News Is Exciting (Action Books, 2010)

Cathy Coleman, Beauty's Tattoo (Tebot Bach, 2009)

Brian Conn, The Fixed Stars: Thiry-Seven Emblems for the Perilous Season (FC2, 2010)

Marisa Crawford, The Haunted House (Switchback Books, 2010)

Denver Quarterly, Vol. 44. No 3

Sandra Doller, Chora (Ahasahta Press, 2010)

Carrie Etter, Ed., Infinite Difference: Other Poetries by UK Women Poets (Shearsman Books, 2010)

Elisa Gabbert, The French Exit (Birds, LLC, 2010)

Becca Klaver, LA Liminal (Kore Press, 2010)

Jennifer Martenson, Unsound (Burning Deck, 2010)

Ben Mazer, January 2008 (Dark Sky Books, 2010)

Ben Mazer, Poems (The Pen & Anvil Press, 2010)

Anita Mohan, Letters to an Albatross (BlazeVox Books, 2010)

Lance Phillips, The Indicium Tales (Ahasahta Press, 2010)

Sina Queyras, Unleashed (BookThug, 2010)

Marc Rahe, The Smaller Half (Rescue Press, 2010)

Marthe Reed, Gaze (Black Radish Books, 2010)

Mike Smith, Multiverse (BlazeVox Books, 2010)

Spinning Jenny #11

Frank Stanford, Conditions Uncertain & Likely to Pass Away (Lost Roads, 2010)

Susan Tichy, Gallowglass (Ahasahta Press, 2010)

Chris Tonelli, The Trees Around (Birds, LLC, 2010)

Nguyen Trai, Beyond the Court Gate: Selected Poems; Nguyen Do & Paul Hoover, trans. (Counterpath Press, 2010)

Jane Unrue, Life of a Star (Burning Deck, 2010)

James L. White, The Salt Ecstasies (Graywolf Press, 2010)

David Wolach, Occultations (Black Radish Books, 2010)