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08 June 2010

February Submissions

Reposted from our submission manager, updated this morning:

Howdy, lovely Tarpaulin Sky submitters,

We're almost done reading your February submissions! Sorry it takes a while, but we have precisely

2481 submissions

to read, and we want to make sure that every last one receives the attention it deserves. You can log on to your account to view the status of your submission, but the system will have marked it "received" only; it doesn't give play-by-play status updates, unfortunately--that would be awesome. Instead, you're just getting this little note from TSky publisher Christian Peet, whose hoping that you'll remain patient, even excited. Right now your submissions are in the tender care of the final group of editors: Laynie Browne, Blake Butler, Sandy Florian, Lily Hoang, Joanna Howard, and Karla Kelsey. Hold tight. You'll be hearing from us again, soon!

If you have further questions, feel free to drop a line to TSky's Editor-in-Chief, Colie Collen: ccollen@ "our domain name," where "our domain name" equals tarpaulinsky[dot]com, of course, though it's being rendered in the most awkward way possible here, in an effort to throw off those pesky spambots.

Thank you for your continued support, and thank you for sending work, and thank you for buying the things we publish.. Here's to your June!