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08 June 2010

New Reviews of TSky Titles

Jacket#40 review of Ana Božičević's Stars of the Night Commute, thanks to Nicole Mauro, who writes, "Though Božičević’s work does terrify, and so, by extension, is rightly ‘about’ terror . . . Stars is more accurately (and happily) about what an émigré does, heart and eyes intact and hungry for the redemptive and the beautiful, after having experienced all that is contrary to the love and kindness (that can be) human beings." Read the full review.

Art + Culture review of Joanna Ruoco's Man's Companions, thanks to Ben Gottlieb, who writes, "Early Lydia Davis seems not unfairly applicable, as does Amy Hempel, not merely for their separately singular abilities to convey a tremendous amount of information and a great emotional range with an economy of text, but also for the alternately insouciant and piercingly human wit with which they do so." Read the full review.

Art + Culture review of Kim Gek Lin Short's The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits, thanks to Ben Gottlieb, who writes, "Kim Gek Lin Short has written a beguiling and entirely enthralling collection of related prose poems; it is so unusual and provocative in its subtle oddities that I wonder how aware she is of what she’s done. This is always a good sign. It is what you think when you read a story by George Saunders, or see a film by David Lynch, or flip through a comic by R. Crumb: how did this person know he could do this? And how did he summon the courage, or merely the unconcern, to trust that others would not dismiss their work for whatever it first, and less interestingly, appears to be?" Read the full review.