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12 June 2010

Recently Received

[NOTE: Most of the titles below are available for review at Tarpaulin Sky. Titles marked with asterisks are hand-bound books or are otherwise special editions and are limited, if still available at all.--Eds.]

John Bradley, You Don't Know What You Don't Know (Cleveland State University Press, 2010)

Ron Burch, Bliss Inc. (BlazeVox Books, 2010)

Peter Davis, Poetry! Poetry! Poetry! (Bloof Books, 2010)

* DJ Dolack, 12 Poems (Eye for an Iris Press, 2010)

Ben Doller, Dead Ahead (Fence Books, 2010)

Julie Doxie, Objects for a Fog Death (Black Ocean, 2010)

Hans Magnus Enzensberger, A History of Clouds (University of Chicago Press, 2010)

Elyse Fenton, Clamor (Cleveland State University Press, 2010)

Barbara Claire Freeman, Ange Mlinko, Jesse Seldess, An Instance: Three Chapbooks (Instance Press, 2010)

Michael Gottlieb, Memoir and Essay (Faux Press / Other Publications, 2010)

Joe Hall, Pigafetta is My Wife (Black Ocean, 2010)

Brian Henry, Wings Without Birds (Salt, 2010)

Aaron Kunin, The Sore Throat & Other Poems (Fence Books, 2010)

Josie Sigler, Living Must Bury (Fence Books, 2010)

The Stark Electric Space: An International Anthology of Indie Writers (Graffiti Kolkata, 2010)

Jim Wittenberg, Haunt Me in the Morning (Graffiti Kolkata, 2010)