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04 August 2010

Chronic Content: New Work by Richard Froude

Richard Froude's FABRIC is a burial shroud and thread-map in service to forensic anthropology, and we've just entered a sizable swath into evidence at Tarpaulin Sky:

In May 2003, I drove into the mountains with a friend, a retired army Colonel, and a minor broadcast personality, to discharge firearms in the Roosevelt National Forest. We ate cold grilled chicken from zip loc bags and drank cans of non-alcoholic lager. I carried a .357 Magnum in a holster, the chicken in my hands and a twelve gauge shotgun strapped across my back.

The Colonel provided the weapons, my friend purchased 500 rounds of ammunition, the media personality brought a single handgun (wrapped in a red handkerchief) and drove us in a pale blue SUV.

What did I bring to the occasion?

A willingness to participate. A foil for the Americans. A canvas on which they would illustrate the things they most valued.
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