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04 August 2010

A handful of things, including blueberries

Tarpaulin Sky Press Authors in the News

Ana Božičević's Stars of the Night Commute is reviewed at Verse Magazine. Says Mary Austin Speaker:

Although it is dangerous to make presumptions about the way one’s biography inflects their poetry, I think it’s helpful to consider the conditions of Ana Bozicevic’s native country when she left it. Croatia’s is a history of conflict in which voices speak over each other. Stars of the Night Commute, the author’s first collection of poems, suggests that since her emigration she has been learning how to write her own history while rejecting the very idea of writing history.
Please click here for the whole review.

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Joanna Ruocco's Man's Companions is reviewed at Word Riot. Says Kevin Kane, fork in hand:
In order to tackle a good literary work, I need to be hungry. And I can usually judge what I’m reading by how it affects that hunger. Sometimes a story collection forces me to set it down after reading a story, too full of images and emotion to continue. Other times, I lightly snack my way through the whole thing. The strength and beauty of the stories in Joanna Ruocco’s Man’s Companions pushed me to devour the entirety of the collection in a few days despite being achingly full from the rich, dense prose.
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TSky Press author Shelly Taylor has contributed three texts to Amy King's and Heidi Lynn Staples' Poets for Living Waters, which we hope you are already familiar with, if you're familiar with oil.

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New reviews at
Tarpaulin Sky

include David Wolach's Occultations, reviewed by Nicky Tiso, and Amy King's Slaves to Do These Things, reviewed by Ana Božičević.

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Oh, wait--also, Christian & Elena picked a lot of blueberries and are pretty happy about that.